The aim of the IEC 61508 is to enable the development of Electrical or Electronic or Programmable Electronic (E/E/PE) safety-related systems.

Part 5
Example of methods for the determination of safety integrity levels
Part 1
Development of overall safety requirements
Part 1
Allocation of safety requirements ot the E/E/EP safety-related system
Part 1
Specification of the system safety requirements for the E/E/PE safety-related system
Part 2
Realisation phase for E/E/PE safety-related systems
Part 3
Realisation phase for safety-related software
Part 6
Guidelines for the application of
Parts 2 and 3
Part 7
Overview of techniques and measures
Part 1
Installation, commissioning and safety validation of E/E/PE safety-related systems
Part 1
Operation, maintenance, repair, modification and retrofit, decommissioning or disposal of E/E/PE safety-related systems